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Summer Prep Academy Staff

As a Summer Prep Academy staff member, you have the opportunity to create the first impression of what it means to be an Islander and connect with first-year students.  The students attending the Summer Prep Academy are TSI liable and are looking to improve their math and reading/writing skills in order to pass the TSI and start college on time. Studies show a positive correlation between student retention when students do not have to enroll in developmental courses. 

The Summer Prep Academy staff's commitment does not end with the summer bridge but extends throughout the student's first year and beyond. During the fall and spring semester, students meet twice a month with their assigned Summer Prep Mentor to discuss keys to a successful transition during the first year. Students also meet monthly with the Program Manager for holistic advising to include academic advising, life skills, financial aid inquiries, personal growth, and other stressors of being a college student. 







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